Are you a teacher seeking a career change?

I was once in the same spot – wondering if there were other options that I could explore outside of teaching.

Teacher Career Change

What I found was Instructional Design.

Being a Teacher was my FAVORITE Job…

Until I got a divorce and my salary became my sole source of income and I had a child to raise. When that happened and I realized my income wasn’t enough, I had to find a plan B. I need to earn enough money to pay my bills and plan for my son’s college. I was very fortunate that I found a training position that introduced me to instructional design and eLearning. I was so surprised to learn how many of my teaching skills were immediately applicable to my new role. Below, you will find some articles with information on making the transition from teaching to instructional design.

Instructional Design for Teachers
Teacher Career Change
Teacher Career Change
Instructional Design

If you want help transitioning from teaching to instructional design, I’d be glad to coach you through your transition!