Are you a teacher seeking a career change?

I was once in the same spot – wondering if there were other options that I could explore outside of teaching.

Teacher Career Change

What I found was Instructional Design.

Being a Teacher was my FAVORITE Job…

Until I went through a divorce. It was then that I quickly went from loving my job to broke and burned out. When my salary became my only income, I realized it wasn’t enough. When I lost my partner who helped me manage the household, I realized how much all the overtime I worked was interfering with my family life, and the burnout quickly set in.   I had to find a plan B…and fast! I needed to earn enough money to pay my bills and plan for my son’s college and get my work/life balance in check. I was very fortunate that I found a training position that introduced me to instructional design and eLearning. I was so surprised to learn how many of my teaching skills were immediately applicable to my new role. At the bottom of this page, you will find some articles with information on making the transition from teaching to instructional design.

If You Are You Considering a Transition to Instructional Design, I Have a Starter Course for YOU!

In my step-by-step course for those new to instructional design, you will learn the instructional design lingo, the foundations of instructional design, practical application of instructional design, and how to lead a project and manage an L&D project. Learn More.

storyline 360 training

My program will take you beyond theory to explore real-world application of the principles of instructional design and adult learning theory all the way through the development of face-to-face, video, and eLearning lessons. Plus, you will develop facilitator guides and your portfolio!

FREE Resources to Help You Transition

Instructional Design for Teachers
Teacher Career Change
Teacher Career Change

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