Making the Career Transition from Teaching to Instructional Design

If you are a teacher interested in making a career transition to instructional design, there are three steps you can take. Do you know what those three steps are? If not, stick around because I am going to fill you in during this episode of AcceleratedID!



Teaching is a noble profession, filled with passion, dedication, and the desire to make a difference in the lives of students. But what if you’re a teacher who is ready for a new challenge? What if you want to step outside the traditional classroom setting while still utilizing your valuable skills and experience? 


In this blog post, we will explore the misconceptions around teachers becoming instructional designers and provide actionable steps to support your transition into this exciting field. Get ready to reignite your passion for education with a fresh twist on using your existing skills!


Why Transition from Teaching to Instructional Design?



Instructional design is a field that allows educators to build a fulfilling career while embracing their love for education in a fresh and innovative way. 


Your passion for teaching is a love for developing people. As an instructional designer, you can take that passion and apply it to the adults whose lives you improve through your learning solutions. 


Was one of your main reasons for getting into teaching because you wanted to make a difference? Good news! That desire carries over into an instructional design job. As an instructional designer, you get to create learning experiences that positively influence your adult learners. 


Finally, as a teacher you have many skills you can leverage immediately as an instructional designer. You can check out a full list of those skills and how they transition into instructional design in this article. 


Busting Common Myths About a Career Transition from Teaching to Instructional Design

Before we get into how to set yourself up for a successful career in instructional design, let’s get some misconceptions out of the way. These are some narratives that I don’t want to be stuck in your head! Misconceptions are like bad rumors. 


Once they’re out there, they start taking on a life of their own and growing. You might hear the following myths in Facebook groups or blog posts. The more you see them, the more you start to believe them! Instead, I want you to focus on the truths behind the rumors. So let’s dig in.



Misconception #1: Teachers are automatically instructional designers

There are some programs out there that sell you based on the idea that teachers are already instructional designers. 


This isn’t true and it’s bad for everyone, because teachers are submitting applications for instructional design jobs without getting reskilled. This can make all teachers who aspire to be instructional designers look bad!


The truth is: teachers can be instructional designers with development.

We already mentioned that teachers have a lot of skills they can leverage. This sets them up to be great instructional designers, with development. It’s important to understand this going into a career transition. 


As a teacher, you can’t just start sending out your resume and expect to land an instructional design job. You do have those essential skills to build on, but they need some work so you can be successful in instructional design. There are a few ways you can do this that we’ll touch on later in this article!


Misconception #2: You need another degree to become an instructional designer.

You may be thinking a career transition is unattainable because you don’t have the time/money to get another degree. Well, I’ve got good news for you!


The truth is: You don’t need another degree to transition into instructional design!

You already have a professional degree. In all of the years I’ve led L&D teams, the majority of people I worked with have degrees in something completely different. 


Most instructional designers come to the field from a different route. It’s up to you how you choose to fill your skills gaps and an instructional design degree might not be the right choice for the skills you need to develop. 


Misconception #3: Start by learning the technology.

In my position as Chief Trainologist for The Instructional Design and Tech Accelerator system, I get to chat with a lot of aspiring instructional designers. A really common fear that these instructional design newbies have is that they won’t be able to grasp elearning development or video editing. Or, that they’re worried about purchasing these expensive tools and then having to learn how to use them independently.



The truth is: You should start with a foundation in instructional design. 

There’s a difference between becoming skilled in using a tool and being an instructional designer who knows how to use a tool.


If you’re looking to become an instructional designer who can also use development tools, you’ll need to start with a foundation in instructional design. This means you have to first understand adult learning theory, audience engagement, writing learning objectives, scripting content, and more. 


Once you have the principles down, you can learn how to effectively bring all that knowledge into the technology to develop assets like eLearning or videos. 


Also, if you’re not super excited about using tools like Articulate Storyline or Adobe Premiere Pro, understand that not all instructional designers use those tools. 


Misconception #4: The field of instructional design is too saturated.

Between February 2020 and May 2022, 300,000 public school teachers left the classroom. Around that time, word started getting out that instructional design was a good fit for exiting teachers. That teacher exodus might be the spark that ignited this myth.


Instructional design was a pretty well-kept secret for awhile. I think it’s great that so many educators are learning about this field. What’s not great is that, because of that misconception that all teachers are already instructional designers, we’re seeing a huge increase in unqualified applicants for instructional design jobs.


That means that an instructional design job posting may get thousands of applicants! Of those applicants, most are thrown out by the Applicant Tracking System because they don’t have the required job skills. 


The truth is: Education is a $1.4 trillion industry which is expected to grow to $3.1 trillion by 2030. 

As the industry grows, that means more opportunities for all qualified instructional designers. These might be in ed tech, corporate, freelancing, non-profit, and higher ed. 


Education Paths for a Career Transition to Instructional Design

So I mentioned earlier that as a teacher you do have some skills to develop before you’re ready for an instructional design job. I also said that I don’t think you need a master’s degree in instructional design.


How do you upskill to prepare for an instructional design job? Here are some paths you might consider:


You can teach yourself the skills you need to become an instructional designer. Even better, you can usually do this for free (or close to it). By teaching yourself using Youtube, books, or LinkedIn Learning for example, you can cherry-pick the skills you want to work on for a customized experience. 



Certificate Programs/Academies

There are also some great certificate programs out there that will guide you through the upskilling process. These can range in cost from $1,000-$6,000 and take anywhere from 2-9 months to complete. 


You may want to pay for a program like this if you need some structure to your learning. A good program will also offer built-in support from experts and a community. This has an added benefit of motivation and having a group of people you can work with and get feedback from. 


Check it Out: The Instructional Design and Tech Accelerator System  


Master’s Degree

I did say you don’t need another degree, but if you want to get one this is still an option. Most degree programs will take upwards of 2 years to complete and can cost $30,000 and up. 


Some companies pay for their employees to further their education in their current field. So keep that in mind!


Which Path is Right for You?

Each path has its pros and cons. Think about what kind of learning environment you need, how much time you can take to upskill, and how much you want to spend. If you have a 3-year plan before you want to make a career transition, self-study might make a lot of sense.


Most of the teachers I hear from are eager to have an exit plan by the end of the school year. In that case, I suggest looking into a certificate program. If you’re interested in a certificate program, I highly recommend you check out The Instructional Design and Tech Accelerator System and Certificate Program


Whichever path you choose, make sure it’s a fit for you and that it includes the skills you’re looking to develop. Be sure you’ll work on an instructional design portfolio


Another area to inquire about when deciding on a path is AI. There are a lot of use cases for AI in instructional design, so you want to be prepared to explore those skills. My prediction is that instructional design jobs will soon list experience with AI tools as a job requirement. 

Wrapping it Up

As an educator, you got into this field because you want to make a difference. Now you know that you can still make a difference and impact people’s lives positively in the field of instructional design.


So, what now? Well, if you want to learn more about instructional design and how you can make a career transition, I recommend this 4-step process


For more support as you consider this change, check out The Instructional Design Hangout. A place to chat, ask questions, and learn about all things instructional design.


Trainologist Hangout

The Testimonials are In:


Meredith Haberfeld

Our business is unrecognizable – from the impact the Instructional Design Company has brought across domains – from scoping, to project management, program management, how projects are staffed, team oversight, cost management, culture, and governance.

This is not an oversell – the IDC team is achievement-oriented, gets it right, and operates with integrity and care.

Meredith Haberfeld
CEO, ThinkHuman


I completed your program last August. Because I was a working mom taking your classes on the side (or late into the evenings), I didn’t engage much with the live sessions, so you likely don’t even know how I am. However, I truly did take the content of your videos and project information to heart and applied it. I landed a job in October, and I wanted to share a success story. Do with it what you’d like, or let me know if you want any other details to use for your marketing materials.

Prior to doing your program, I had never done any kind of professional video creation. All my knowledge is from your program. A few months ago, I created a training video to explain to clients how to use an information portal. Fast forward a couple months, and we hired a new Director of Acquisitions and Strategic Partnerships who had recently consulted for us on an acquisition. When I introduced myself to him during his first week, he said, “”Oh yeah! You’re the one that makes the awesome videos! You know, I’ve been looking for a way to get professional-looking training videos done for a long time, and I never found a good solution. I was very impressed.”” (or something to that effect)

The point of my story is that you and your program gave me all the knowledge I needed to impress a very seasoned businessman. The video he saw was the first video I made for my company after starting. It was validating to me that I was doing great work, and that what you taught me is super valuable!

So, thank you for training me up well!

Christy Fletcher


As someone who claimed I didn’t know any technology, I was really on the fence about joining this program. After I completed the 5-day boot camp, I realized that I could do this and I signed up for the program. I loved the coaching calls to get us unstuck, the sense of community we get from the group, the connections that we form with the coaches, and the willingness of all coaches to help us with any questions in any part of the program. I learned how to use software I never ever imagined I would be able to do and that helped me build my confidence as both a current teacher and as an aspiring instructional designer. Thank you to all the coaches and to Shawntay for having this program and for helping me build the confidence in a new beginning.

Adriana Witsman


This program is so well organized and detailed, I really feel I’m developing the skills I need to transition into Instructional Design. I love how available Shawntay and her team of coaches are. They give feedback regularly, answer all questions, and help you connect with other people going through the program. This program is a great investment for anyone looking to start out in Instructional Design.

Crystal Paul


I danced around the idea of Instructional Design for the longest time, because I thought you needed to go to college and I didn’t want to go back to school again. I came across this post on I think Facebook and it was the best decision I have made. Everyone is very supportive and always willing to help if you don’t understand.

I’m currently a teacher and hope to transition as soon as this school year is done.

Yes, I did it finally! I’m so proud of myself.

Alicia Smith


Love the in depth guidance of your “building of the course” the instructional document template cheat sheet reminds me of a well developed unit plan and the backward planning model. Such a clear transition from teaching to ID.

Dr. Karen Garcia


Before that last module in the Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator program, I’d been applying to so many jobs my head hurts. The Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator certificate program really helped me to focus my resume and be more thoughtful and specific in my applications so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things will start looking up!

Karen L.


I have been so impressed with this training and want to thank you for delivering such a quality product. I am very committed to learning all I can and creating good habits.

Kasey Murphy


This program will help you learn a lot of new skills that you will find valuable in your career. Don’t give up if the going gets hard. It’s worth it!



I loved the way the lessons were structured to scaffold the learning experience. Everything flowed in a meaningful way and built upon the previous lesson. I learned a tremendous amount in 12 weeks! Everyone in the Accelerator community was very supportive, and the feedback I received on my projects was thorough and valuable. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone considering a transition to instructional design!

Jennifer Hunter


100% recommended! As a language teacher who for a long time has been wanting to transition into Instructional Design, I was looking for a dynamic ‘hands-on’ course that would give me real-life experience that could be applied directly to a future job. The Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator program gave me everything I needed to know to gain confidence as an Instructional Designer. All the materials provided are explained in easy, understandable language, you get feedback on your work submissions, and even help with building your resume and portfolio. I feel ready and motivated to apply what I have learned in my future Instructional Design job. Thank you, Shantay 🙂

Camilla Syhler


I love this program. I’ve been looking to make a transition out of teaching for a while, but I could never find a job that paid appropriately without having to get an additional degree or costly training. Although this training wasn’t something crazy cheap like $50, I 100% understand why. Shawntay has put in a TON of work to make this course a comprehensive guide for people looking to get into the ID field. Although I’m only about halfway through the course thus far, I have learned so much. I know I will feel confident and ready to apply for jobs when I complete the course. It’s also possible to complete it in way less than 12 weeks if you devote more time to it every week than what she suggests. I will take about a month total to complete the course once I’m finished. I just cannot say enough good things about this course. It’s really helped me transition a lot of skills I already have and upcycle them to work in the ID field. Thank you so much, Shawntay. You’re a visionary!

Jillian Kitts


I felt the program definitely helped me gain confidence in some seriously uncharted waters. I loved how hands-on Shawntay is with her accelerators. She’s not a set it and forget it kind of trainer. She continuously engages with her students to ensure they’re getting quality feedback.

Jillian Kitts


I would recommend this program to anyone interested in becoming an instructional designer. I love that it starts from the BEGINNING, which is very helpful. There are videos that go with each lesson, as well as the participant guide. I am feeling very supported and the work I turn in is returned with feedback in a timely manner. I wish there were more videos showing how to create a PowerPoint from scratch, participant workbook, and facilitator guide. Not only for additional examples, but for visual learners that would benefit from it. Perhaps a future coaching session?

Natalia Preussler


This program has been a godsend as I try to make a big change out of a career in education! The program is broken down into bite-sized chunks so well, and the feedback along the way helps rid you of imposter syndrome because you know what you are doing right! I never had a question or something I needed clarification on go unanswered. The team is so supportive, and I couldn’t ask for more!

Jessica Cole


I would tell a future student that this course is incredibly informative and time-consuming. You will need to put a lot of energy and effort into making your projects look fantastic, while fulfilling the expectations for each exercise.

I felt that Shawntay’s videos were very inspiring and motivated me to keep learning and listening to what it takes to be an instructional designer. What I loved most about this program was how I felt when I was working on each exercise; I felt like the schedule I created for myself with each exercise made me feel like an actual designer. It was fun! I learned about various tools and resources that can be useful for me in the field and also appreciated the feedback given from Shawntay and Katie.

I felt tons of support from not only my triad, but from Shawntay and Katie themselves. Using Trello is something that really opened the doors to communication when it came to organizing and review my exercises. The feedback from everyone was intimidating, at first, but I learned that it was all helpful tips to make my great work even better.

Mary Galullo-Hummel


The feedback that is provided is thorough and concise. The set up of the program is very easy to follow, and the progression makes learning all of the information easy. I never once felt alone and I knew that I could reach out at any time for assistance. I would definitely recommend this to someone who is interested in either entering the field of ID or who just wants to add these skills to their current position.



I am so happy I took the plunge into the Instructional Design and Tech Accelerator Certificate Program. This program offered practical and hands-on experience building a portfolio while working on projects. It allowed for flexibility in that the assignments are self-paced. They are also broken into chunks for ease of completion. The skills I have acquired in this program will be very beneficial in my pursuit of transitioning into the field of Instructional Design.

Megan Welch


This program is worth the effort! I loved that there was always some available to support me and answer any questions I had so quickly! The community within the class is extremely supportive and encouraging. There is A LOT to learn in this program and it is broken down in such a way that you feel accomplished and prepared moving throughout the lessons.

Amy Tarquine


If you are on the fence about this program, then let me tell you to go for it! This course has given me the knowledge, training, and confidence to change my career from teaching to Instructional Design. This program walks you through everything you need to know with such expertise while still keeping it on a level you can understand as a beginner. The feedback, coaching sessions, and community support were instrumental in helping me with my confidence and support with this program. I feel that the support you get from Shawntay and her crew are more than I expected. If you are looking to change careers then you won’t regret beginning this program!

Lora Steiger


If you’re new to Instructional Design like me, make sure you allow for extra time. There is a lot of learning to be had in this quick course. Stay with it though. There is a lot of great information and they give you great feedback. Thanks, Shawntay and Instructional Design team!

Alana Anderson


If you are on the fence about joining this program, I can assure you that I was too. However, this program was worth every penny! I loved how the content was organized and this program contains EVERYTHING you need to know about becoming an Instructional Designer/eLearning developer. The amount of knowledge gained from this course goes beyond measure. I know I wouldn’t have received the same knowledge impact if I continued to gain the knowledge through my own research. The feedback given to me through the IDC review team, especially Katie Short, was so helpful and encouraging. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in making a career change or interested to learn more about instructional design. Thank you Instructional Design Company!

Stephanie Castillo


When I decided I wanted to be an instructional designer, I was overwhelmed and stressed thinking about all of the things I needed to learn. This program has helped me streamline the process and take the guess work out of it. The lessons are to the point but thorough. I feel prepared and excited for this next step of my career.

Allison Harris


I was nervous about starting a new career after being in the classroom for 20 years, but knew I needed to leave. I did lots of research about careers where my skills would transfer and I kept coming up with instructional design so I decided to check it out. I found the Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator Program and was impressed with all that they offered. I have loved every bit of learning in this course! Everything is easy to follow and skills build upon each other. You cannot beat all of the extras: coaching, live supports, Facebook community, and feedback from staff! They walk you through EVERYTHING to make learning this new career feel attainable. I am so grateful I found this program and recommend to anyone interested in instructional design to go for it!

Lora Steiger


I am currently a little more than halfway through the program with Instructional Design Company. I highly recommend this program to any newbie that is transitioning to Instructional Design or a veteran looking to enhance their skills. I am beyond impressed with the education and support I have received from the instructors. The course curriculum was meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive overview of Instructional Design concepts and practices. I highly recommend the Instructional Design Company’s program to anyone aspiring to excel in the field of Instructional Design.

Megan Welch


Having just left teaching, I had done a lot of research on transitioning into Instructional Design before I chose this program. I went with this program as it had all the elements I was looking for, including the ability to work at my own pace, regular individual feedback as I progressed, an equal focus on the process of designing instruction and the tools needed to develop finished products, and finally, projects I can use in my digital portfolio. I certainly still identify as a beginner, but I feel so much more confident in calling myself an Instructional Designer. Thank you to Shawntay and her wonderful team for always making themselves available to answer all of my questions.

Crystal Paul


I learned so much in such a short amount of time in the Instructional Design and Tech Accelerator program. Shawntay KNOWS. HER. STUFF. If you are looking to learn from the best, Shawntay is it. Her experience is vast, and because of that, she has created an incredibly thorough course. It’s hard to believe how much knowledge I gained in just 14 weeks. I now feel confident in all stages of ADDIE. In particular, some of the skills I grew in the most were: training needs analysis (Shawntay really nailed down the importance of this and how to do it), designing training that will meet company objectives, keeping adult learners engaged in person or in e-learning, storyboarding, and creating effective assessments and course evaluations. In addition to all that, I made HUGE growth in my tech skills–from project management tools, to designing beautiful Powerpoint presentations, to voiceovers, to graphic design, to e-learning software (Adobe Premiere Pro, Articulate Rise, and Articulate Stroryline 360). I could tell all my coursework was carefully reviewed, and Shawntay and Katie gave thoughtful and helpful feedback to improve my craft.

The course is built so you can go at your own pace. However, you don’t feel alone, because there is an online community always ready to answer any questions you have. Between Shawntay, her team, and the other members of the IDC Community, I always found timely help when I was stuck on something. What’s more, if you join the program, you get to be part of the IDC Community forever!

I am really thankful that I chose this program over others I had looked at before choosing it. I know I am walking away with rich understanding, many skill sets, and the readiness to pursue ID as a career.

Christy Fletcher


As a former teacher myself, I greatly appreciate how the course is structured and explained in a way that makes sense to a traditional educator. Shawntay and her team do an amazing job of walking you through the basics, and the course tasks are scaffolded appropriately so that you feel ready and excited for each new opportunity. I have learned a lot and also gained confidence because I see now that my previous career as a teacher has a lot of overlap with instructional design. Finally, I can’t say enough nice things about the support I’ve received– Shawntay, her team, and the other students in the course are all incredibly supportive and encouraging! I would absolutely recommend this course.

Marc Cardwell


Do not get discouraged. Continue. There is so much to learn. I enjoy increasing my expertise with new software and even software that I thought I knew. Can we say that I now understand the power of PowerPoint? The support is outstanding.

Chloe Telle


To all future Accelerators,

I would say that this program has been a great springboard for learning all things ID. It has given me the solid foundation to make a transition into instructional design. I love how organized the content is and the frequent reinforcement with badges and milestones kept me motivated to keep going! The Shawntay and the coaches are so accessible, real, and helpful! I have really enjoyed the live calls with them and learning new and tried-and-true techniques for doing this work. Additionally, having a super supportive triad has made the work that much more enjoyable! It’s a place to share, celebrate the wins, and commensurate the tough stuff that we are working through in the course. I have learned all of the angles of this job, even if I don’t end up in a position where I need to use them all! I feel confident in my skills to analyze the needs of a client/business, design and develop training solutions, manage projects, and develop learning experiences in a variety of authoring tools. I am also digging into AI tools that can promote efficiency and keep my work relevant as I make the shift as they are introduced in the coaching sessions. More importantly, I have access to tools that I can reference when I am feeling that self-doubt and stress around a new career path in those early months!

I would recommend this program to others without hesitation (…although I do not look forward to having more people in the applicant pool with me who are well prepared by the program lol!). IDC is a supportive and comprehensive program that has helped me upskill and be prepared for the leap.

Amanda Madore


I have loved learning through the Instructional Design and Tech Accelerator System! It has helped me apply my teaching skills to business concepts in a way that I never could have on my own. I have gained a deep understanding of project management, ADDIE, Adult Learning principles, and how to create professional-looking course material. The instructors are incredibly thorough and dedicated when it comes to reviewing our work and giving helpful feedback. It is clear they truly want to help Accelerators succeed in the field of instructional design!

Christy Fletcher


If you’re considering this program as a future student, my advice is simple: go for it! It’s an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Instructional Design. The program boasts a fantastic community and amazing teachers who provide constant support and encouragement. Weekly sessions cover a wide range of essential topics for instructional designers, while also fostering connections with like-minded individuals. It’s a chance to learn, grow, and have your questions answered. Don’t hesitate, dive right in!

Kerime Villalobos


If you are interested in a career in instructional design or eLearning but want to gain hands-on experience prior to landing an industry-specific job, you should consider the Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator Certificate Program. What makes this course stand out is its ability to offer practical application options alongside a portfolio-building exercise that helps you refine essential skills like eLearning, video editing, and project management.

A highlight of the program certainly is the development of portfolios containing participant work from real-world projects, which makes it an excellent preparation for job interviews across all fields within training-related industries.

Within a 12-week course, the program covers a wide spectrum of topics to prepare those seeking roles in instructional design or eLearning. It is undeniable that Shawntay’s generosity in offering her time and expertise enhances the learning experience. My skill development journey was enhanced by her guidance and feedback!



The best thing about this course was the practical applications and the feedback on it. This experience gave me the confidence to claim proficiency not only in the principles and models of instructional design and project management but also the tools of the trade.

David Ellis


When I was looking for an ID program, I was confident I could do the work and didn’t want to spend an arm AND a leg. What I was looking for was accountability and feedback from IDs currently working in the field. Shawntay’s Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator Certificate Program checked all the boxes for me. From accountability partners to Shawntay and Katie’s expert feedback, I got everything I needed to feel confident transitioning to a role in instructional design. In addition to the curriculum that made me feel like I was doing real ID work, weekly Zoom meetings with experts were perfect for answering just in time questions as I worked through the program at my own pace. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to transition into ID or even just get better at creating learning experiences. Not only did I learn about theory and best practices, I was able to put my knowledge to use building live instructor-led lessons, editing instructional videos, and creating interactive eLearning lessons using Storyline. I ended the program with a resume, cover letter, and professional looking digital portfolio full of assets to dazzle prospective employers.

Lynette Amador


This program is worth the investment of your time and finances. It is thorough and provides you with practical exercises that are relevant to today’s job market. I have had 2 interviews so far where I discussed my instructional design process and both employers were impressed with how thorough I was. When they requested samples of my work, I was able to send them immediately following the interview because this program prepared me so well.
If you are on the fence about registering, this is the nudge you needed. Do it today and your future self will thank you.

Successful Instructional Designer

Junell McCall


If you are a future accelerator student and have made a decision to become an instructional designer or eLearning developer, then this is the perfect course for you. Whether your background is in education or not you will find this course very helpful because it starts off very basic and then it gradually challenges you. I was inspired to use the information given, which led me to find more resources. This program points you in the right direction and dispels any doubt that you may have about becoming an instructional designer.

What I loved about this course is that it was very organized. Shawntay is very upbeat, knowledgeable and engaging and she projects all of these qualities in her lessons. I was able to learn a lot of the lingo that is necessary to go through an interview process and project an image that I know what I’m talking about.

This program was extremely helpful, I appreciate the feedback that was constantly provided by Shawntay and Katie. They gave feedback that was very detailed which helped me grow as an instructional designer.

I learned an immense amount of information from this course, going through the 10 modules was very methodical and gave me more confidence now that I can talk about the ADDIE process. The learner persona is a way to ignite the learning solution and the best part was being able to distinguish and use Articulate 360 as an LMS to create eLearning courses.

The Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator program was very organized and provided more than I expected. I am happy about my asset creations which I have added to my portfolio. I am counting on them to help me obtain a role as an instructional designer.

I would definitely recommend this program to a future student because it is well rounded and it prepares you for an entry-level instructional designer position.

I felt supported through the Facebook groups, individualized feedback, and the live Facebook sessions.

Thank you

Tatiana Lozada


When I started this program I knew very little about being an instructional designer. Now that I have completed this program I not only feel confident that I understand what an instructional designer does but I know more specifically which parts of the over all role suit me best.

Shawntay was great she not only helped me with questions concerning the program but she gave me tips to help me be a more confident leader in any position I may take in the future.

Rena Sapko


The course has been easy to follow and the feedback has been spot on.

Leigh Anne Acuna


I’m super excited to share my experience with IDC which made a huge impact on my professional journey. I can honestly say this program is a cut above the rest. From the live Facebook sessions and personalized feedback to one-on-one training, they go all out to help you succeed. The content was both interesting and educational, covering a wide range of topics related to instructional design. The course format and structure were well-organized and straightforward to follow. I’m confident that I’m ready to apply what I’ve learned in real-world situations!

Sasha Rubeis


This program has been so organized and easy to access! I love the structure and continuous motivators that keep me moving along the way. Shawntay and her team are so accessible and helpful. So far I’ve learned how to stitch together adult learning theory, project management, training needs analysis, learner personas, how to navigate kick off meetings and working with SMEs, using ChatGPT, writing scripts, developing course surveys, eLearning, and accessible visual designs for instructor led trainings with compatible participant workbook and facilitator guide. Typing this out makes me realize how far I’ve come in this program in such a short time! The journey has been enjoyable and insightful. I look forward to continuing with IDC and landing my first ID job in the next 5 months.

Amanda M.


The Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator program is a great way to be immersed in the instructional design world. I have experience creating programs and courses for face-to-face and correspondence. This was my first real instruction on instructional design. It was very helpful and the feedback on the projects was very helpful.

Kirk Okumura


I really enjoyed participating in the Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator Certificate Program! It provides participants with an adequate amount of theory, stressing the practical application of the acquired knowledge. For example, it includes the instructional videos and practical activities helping learners master such important programs as Adobe Premiere Pro and Articulate Storyline 360. It also teaches participants in detail how to do their own training needs analysis, how to write the script for a live session, and how to prepare an instructional design document, facilitator guide, participant workbook, and a few other instructional design materials and documentation.

The program appears to have a strong social learning element with the organizers of the program, its former graduates, and fellow learners all taking part in reviewing finished projects, providing feedback on them, and answering questions from participants.

The program’s materials are well designed and very practical. I’m sure that the course companion, checklists, and the other additional resources included in the program will prove highly useful in designing our own online courses and training programs later too.

The live sessions with the facilitators/organizers and the other program’s participants expanded my way of thinking of designing learning experiences too. In addition, the program followed best practices in adult learning and focused on the practical application of the information included in the course.

The activities were designed and administered in a way respectful of my professional experience and my time. The facilitators’ detailed feedback and support regarding the results of my work on the practical activities from the program proved highly helpful for increasing my confidence and for enhancing my professional development as a future practicing instructional/curriculum designer and e-Learning developer.

With all that said, I don’t doubt that aspiring and practicing instructional designers, e-Learning developers, trainers, leaders, and developers of talent would learn from this program much, oh yes!

Olga Muranova


This is such a powerful and helpful program! I was lucky enough to be a part of a spring challenge lasting one week last year. I receieved such meaningful support and feedback through that experience – I was hooked! Shawntay and her team are there for you through the entire process. As a current teacher and future instructional designer, I appreciated how they were simultaneously supportive and constructive. They truly want you to succeed. You will be able to curate a portfolio that is strong and appealing to potential employers. I am starting my ID job search and am excited to continue my learning by digging into the bonus material available to Accelerators! There is so much to learn in this field and The Instructional Design Company is open and willing to share their knowledge!

Becca Bergman


Shawntay’s meticulous course design is fantastic. Her course provides a total solution/360 solution for becoming an instructional designer, including learning theories in chunks, applying learning as part of course design, learning technical aspects of ID, ensuring individual accountability to demonstrate learning products, and receiving expert feedback to shine the projects. I had an incredible experience with the “Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator Certificate Program” in my life, and I would highly recommend this premium course to anyone interested in becoming an Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer.

Shams Uddin Tabriz


My favorite thing about this program was how involved the community is. Joining the Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator program made it very easy for me to network and meet fellow educators who were also transitioning into instructional design. I also loved the accessibility to helpful workshops and coaching sessions. You were never alone in this program! Transitioning to a new career can be scary, but I really felt the genuine support and reassurance the coaches exhibited throughout the program. I’m happy to say that completing this program helped me land a new job as an eLearning Content Creator and for that, I will always be grateful.



If you are wanting to learn Instructional Design then you should take this course. It will take you from zero knowledge to actually having a portfolio that you can show off. It is organized, precise and thorough. It is well worth the investment. You won’t be disappointed!

TC Boyd


I would wholeheartedly recommend the Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator program to anyone who is looking to break into the ID field. After spending 14 years in education, I was ready for a change. A life event and the support of my family gave me the opportunity to focus full time on a career transition. Knowing that planning and creating had always been my favorite part of teaching, I found that Instructional Design would fit my skill set and interests.

After searching through multiple programs, I chose IDC for the content and value that it provided. Going through the program required a lot of time and effort, but I was fully dedicated and found that I loved completing the projects and lessons. I worked hard to go above and beyond what was required because I knew that my portfolio would be very instrumental in showing what I could do to future employers. My experience proved that to be true.

It took 12 weeks to complete the program with another 2 weeks for me to get my portfolio website the way I wanted it to look. I then began applying for jobs. I submitted over 100 applications, went through several interviews, received some no responses, and then received an offer of employment. I am very grateful that it only took about 4 weeks from when I began applying to receive that offer.

My new employer remarked on how well prepared I was for the job, how impressive my portfolio was, and the amount of information I had learned in the program. The Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator program definitely prepared me to transition from full-time Teacher to full-time Instructional Designer. I am now working remotely, have great benefits, enjoy fantastic work/life balance, and work with an amazing team that are extremely helpful and welcoming. I could not have done this without the Instructional Design & Accelerator program.

Stacy Richardson


The Instructional Design and Tech Accelerator program is worth the time and money! The modules are well organized and get at the heart of what instructional designers and e-Learning developers need to know and be able to do. And–support is there when you need it! It can be as individual or group-oriented as you make it. This is a great program to begin your journey as an instructional designer. I can’t wait to apply what I have learned in my future role as an ID! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Samantha Curtis Holness


The Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator Certificate Program was a cost-effective way to learn the skills necessary to become an ID and make the career transition that I have been wanting to make for a while. I walked away with a portfolio that has led to scheduling several interviews. I’m looking forward to pursuing these interviews and landing a job as an ID!

Margaret Elizondo


Shola Richards

Working with Shanwtay and Katie at the Instructional Design Company was a dream come true. Their creativity, expertise, and professionalism throughout the entire process was beyond top notch. I engaged them to help turn my first book into a training course, and I could not be happier with how the final product turned out. If you have an instructional design project and you’re considering which company to work with, you can stop your search and thank me later. They are truly the best in the business.

Shola Richards


Graphic Designer

I joined the Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator Certificate Program because I struggled to find jobs in instructional design beyond the development phase. I’ve done a couple of training programs with lots of random projects, but I was overwhelmed, not connecting the dots, and not good at structuring my writing to hit learning objectives. I was looking for motivation and direction at beginning a better Instructional Designer.

Shawntay’s teaching is honest;

Overall, the program’s structure of picking a topic and then building it from the ground up really made me see what a creative process is. I got the experience I was searching for, and I never wondered to myself, “”am I doing this wrong”” very often. The step-by-step application instructions for Storyline and Premiere Pro were terrific – even with my background as a graphic designer, that was new to me. The program’s methods and structure set the standard by which all instructional designers should follow. The feedback challenges made me look deeper into my work.

Signing up for this program is one of the best choices I have ever made. I am more confident as an Instructional Designer and really understand the process so much better than I did a year ago. In the beginning, I knew what I needed but was shy about saying it out loud. I have walked away knowing that I am an instructional designer, not just a piece of it. THANK YOU, SHAWNTAY and KATIE.

Gayle Bower


Teacher, Future Instructional Designer

I love how this course let’s you work at your own pace. I got great tips and learned many things. The ongoing support for multiple people and groups is what I love the best. You are never alone in this process. I have been able to adjust my resume and began creating a portfolio of work I’ve completed to add when applying for jobs. I use many of the PowerPoint skills in my lessons and trainings. I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to become an instructional designer.

Laurie Henderson


Teacher, Future Instructional Designer

I have searched for the last few years to find some suitable career change where I wouldn’t have to earn another degree and where I could use the talents and skills I already have as a teacher. When I came across the Instructional Design Accelerator course, I loved the fact that Shawntay was a former teacher and could relate to a teacher’s need to transition from the classroom. This was what sold the course for me. Her experiences are invaluable especially when translating teacher duties to instructional designer duties. I would (and have) recommended this program to other teachers I know who are looking to transition out of the classroom. I do appreciate ALL of her feedback on my projects!

Wendy McMillian


L&D Project Manager

The Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator certificate program is one of the most comprehensive ID programs out there for beginners. If you’re looking to grow your schools in ID and development then I highly recommend this program. Not only will this program give you an overview of theory, but you will receive a thorough walkthrough of how to apply what you have learned. Although I had already secured a position in Learning & Development when I bought this course, it helped me to move up into a new position as a Learning & Development Project Manager!

Gabby Grimaldo


Future Instructional Designer

If you have any interest in ID, sign up for this program NOW! Shawntay and her team are top notch! The course content exceeded my expectations in a big way and the encouragement and support continues to be so valuable. You will not feel alone going through this course, you will learn so much, you’ll have many cheerleaders, and you will have fun!

Shanna Howe


Future Instructional Designer

I am really enjoying this program! It’s prerfect for someone who is thinking about a career shift to Instructional Design and does not have a lot of experience. This is my first real introduction to Instructional Design and it’s been the perfect beginner course to help me get my feet wet. The modules are broken down well and it’s great to go at your own pace and at your own time. The modules themselves are very comprehensive and you learn a lot from all of them. I really like how each one build upon each other and you’re working towards the bigger project of designing your first training course from scratch. I’m learning so much from going through this course! I was provided great feedback from Katie and Shawntay through the process via Trello Boards, comments on the Google documents, and Facebook group. This course has been well worth the time and effort and I appreciate the fact that I will always have the resources available to me after I complete the training (just in case I’m not quite ready to transition yet).

Aviva Berkowitz


Future Instructional Designer

I can’t say enough great things about the Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator Certificate Program! The length of the program is perfect; it doesn’t feel rushed and there’s just the right amount of structure to give you the accountability you need. There are so many opportunities to get live answers to any questions you have related to the course content or anything ID-related! This program gave me the support and structure I needed to both feel affirmed in the relevant skills I already had coming in and to fill in the gaps I had as a career-changer going into ID. Shawntay, Katie, and all the coaches are super helpful and supportive. I now feel confident that I have the tools and access to resources I need to apply for ID jobs without wondering if there’s something I’m “missing” in the preparation process. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to transition into ID or who just wants to brush up on their skills in the field.

Krista Johnson Awomoyi


This program has been INCREDIBLE! I have enjoyed the short and informative lectures, which is something I intend to do it my own classes, as well as the triads for accountability. My group has a What’s App chat that is ongoing all the time and will last long after the course is over. The weekly meetings gave us a chance to see what was going on, and some allowed us to find out how it REALLY is from people in the ID field. I am not finished yet, but I have learned so much to use in my regular online courses. I would encourage people interested in ID or online instructors interested in giving their courses a little more umph!

Dr. Jennifer Morrison


Freelance Instructional Designer

I’d highly recommend the Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator Certificate Program. I’m blown away by how much I learned in just 12 weeks. I had ID experience prior to taking this course and was just looking to get a better understanding of applying adult learning principles. This course well exceeded my expectations! Not only did I gain a clear understanding of adult learning principles, I was also able to apply those principles by creating assets for your portfolio using PowerPoint, Adobe Premiere Pro and Storyline. The hands on support that we received was top notch.

Darlene Dalgleish


Instructional Designer

This program is one of the most robust yet fulfilling L&D programs I’ve seen. I learned so much about the industry and about the limitlessness of my own capabilities. I am so appreciative of Shawntay and all of the trainers who took part in the program. They went above and beyond with not only guiding, but communicating live and working one on one or in small groups. If you are on the fence, I say take the leap and you will not regret it! There’s so much to learn, not only from the trainers, but also the learners in your group. Everyone comes in with their own skills and can be additional support and guidance for you. Thank you for creating this program!

Shawnice Edge


Instructional Designer Training Facilitator

Shawntay is an amazing individual. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of ID and eLearning. She is also very compassionate and loves to help and see everyone around her grow and prosper. Shawntay has been a great mentor to me and she has helped me mature as an instructional designer and eLearning developer. She has provided me with opportunities when others have overlooked me. I am very grateful to have met and built a lifelong relationship with Shawntay.

I recently got hired into my first instructional design / training position and Shawntay was one of the first people to congratulate me!

Brian Hightower


Freelance Instructional Designer

My teacher-to-instructional-designer journey began two years ago when I left my teaching comfort zone and started my first freelance ID job. Now, I’m stepping out of the classroom and taking my freelance work full-time, so I’m thrilled to be joining the Tech Accelerator program. Adding technologies like Articulate 360 and Adobe Premiere Pro to my qualifications will help me take my courses to the next level and attract more clients!

Sarah Smith


Teacher Transitioning into Instructional Design

I am genuinely grateful for this course. I wanted a real-world perspective and feel like I got it. I’m teaching now, but nearing retirement age but can see myself working as an instructional designer well into my retirement years. My other goal is to take as many courses in statistics as possible in hopes of bringing some mathematical precision to the ROI question. Like you say, getting accurate metrics to measure ROI can be a challenge, but I intend to work on that part. That’s unimportant right now, what is important is the fact that I feel like this course was well worth every penny I spent and I would to it again in a heartbeat. I have too much going on right now, but as soon as I get some time freed up I intend to take your course in project management.

Lee R


Turns Your Written Thoughts Into a Masterpiece!

Shawntay Skjoldager can turn your written thoughts into a masterpiece. She is great to work with and the most organized person I know!

Sheryl Rhoades
President and CEO, The Creative Entreprenuer


Shawntay has been incredible!

Shawntay has been incredible and her team is responsive and effective in translating my training programs into professional presentations. Don’t hesitate to contact her for your project.

President and Principal of HRM Consulting, Inc.


IDC is My Secret Weapon to Soar Above My Competition!

The IDC team has been my secret and special weapon of success. They have delivered above and beyond with every single project out in front of them. They have met and beat timelines. They have been Uber responsive every step of the way. I keep them on speed dial and have and continue to recommend them to friends and clients. If you are in need of instructional design and plenty more, this is THE ALL-STAR team that will more than deliver and help make you and your project soar above the competition.

LT. COL. Jason O. Harris
U.S. Air Force Officer, Special Operations Pilot, U.S.A.F. Academy Instructor, Motivational Speaker


The Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator Certificate program with Shawntay was a very positive learning experience. No matter where I end up, I am likely to use things I’ve learned in this course, and I know it will help my career. I appreciated Shawntay’s positivity and the fact that she answered questions and gave personal feedback. I am leaving with lots of new skills, and more confidence!

Sarah Clowes


Not only is Shawntay the consummate educator herself, but she also knows how to drill down to the most critical skills and knowledge needed to make a career transition into instructional design. The Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator certificate program is jam packed with valuable resources, tips and techniques to succeed in the field. Shawntay and her team bring participants together into a fun learning community and are available for individual support and encouragement. I am gaining more confidence in my skills with every module and asset I create for my ID portfolio.

Teresa Catford


As someone already in the ID field…I felt comfortable with jumping into different software programs and hit the ground running. The Trello Board segment with Katie and Shawntay was extremely helpful. I never heard of Trello and now I can add it to my project management tool kit!

I would recommend to stay on track with the course schedule to maximize your return in the course and better utilize feedback from your trainers!

Of course…it is okay to go at your own pace as it isn’t a race!

I think this course is great to learn more about ID and demonstrate your ability to juggle your current job and complete training at the same time.


Amanda Hewitt


A Tremendous Asset to the Project Team!

Working with Shawntay and the Instructional Design Company has allowed our university to meet the growing demands of our programs. Shawntay’s expertise allowed for the course development to be completed on time and met all of the university requirements. Shawntay’s project management skills were phenomenal and allowed my team to work on other areas while she completed this project for us. Her work is of high quality and her professionalism and willingness to help made her a tremendous asset to the project team.

Amanda Buckley
Academic Quality Assurance Specialist, Abilene Christian University


Creative & Highly Talented!

Shawntay is a creative and highly talented instructional designer.  She brought a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and leadership that enabled her to own the design and creation of a full scale facilitator curriculum and train-the-trainer program.  It was a pleasure to partner with Shawntay, her project management and communication skills ensured the project was on time and on budget.

Susan Gatti
President, IMMIXID


Breaks Down Mammoth Projects

“Shawntay is quick study and carefully synthesizes information for presentations that are clear, concise and captivating. Her personality draws the audience in and her content mastery is excellent. A team player and organizer, Shawntay has the ability to break down mammoth projects, keep everybody on time and on task.”

Rick Miller
Author, Speaker, Strengths Coach


eLearning Development

“I have had many opportunities to work with Shawntay—mainly in the support of implementing new eLearning initiatives. I have been very impressed by her ability to quickly learn how to use rapid eLearning development tools and effectively use them to create multiple courses within a short timeframe. Shawntay’s enthusiastic nature, attention to detail, and dedication to her work make her a pleasure to work with and a great asset to both Texas A&M University-Commerce and the broader training community within the Texas A&M University System.”

Ashley Christian
Director of Learning Strategy, Caveo Learning


Top Notch Professional

Working with Shawntay has been an immense pleasure. She is atop notch professional who brings enthusiasm and extensiveexpertise to professional curriculum development and execution. Her knowledge of tried and true techniques to maximize the effectiveness of presentations is invaluable.

Nancy Drapeau, PRC
Vice President of Research, CEIR - Center for Exhibition Industry Research


Fortunate to Find Shawntay!

“I was fortunate to find Shawntay when our organization was looking to expand and update our educational offerings. Shawntay proved herself to be an educational and personal development expert who immediately made an impact with our clients throughout Europe. Everyone who came into contact with Shawntay was immediately impressed by her level of expertise and willingness to share her knowledge with those around her. I would not hesitate to recommend Shawntay to anyone looking for an education subject matter expert.”

Jonathan Burt
Director of Qualifications and NSD Services, Mary Kay Inc.


Short Turn Around. On Time. Under Budget!

“We hired Shawntay to develop a training facilitator’s guide and PowerPoint slide deck for an operations manual heavy with technical content. The project was made more challenging by a very short turn around, 5 business days, and the fact that the operations manual wasn’t complete and was being updated simultaneously with the facilitator’s guide and slide deck. Despite these challenges, Shawntay delivered as promised. On time and under budget.”

Dave Beeman, CPP
Vice President, Andy Frain Services


Need an Expert Who Consistently Delivers?

“Working with Shawntay you will immediately notice her professional presence and poise, but over time her tenacious pursuit of excellence and her skills in instructional development and adult learning will really impress you. I worked with her at Mary Kay, and was able to experience firsthand her great rapport with regional partners in Europe, understanding their unique sales force training needs. In addition, Shawntay consistently exhibited grace under pressure, made executive decisions to move business forward. If you are looking for an expert who consistently delivers and goes the extra mile to get things done, contact Shawntay!”

Mellora Moore
Marketing Director, Academic Partnerships


Quality Products & Solutions!

“I had had the pleasure of knowing and working with Shawntay on more than a few occasions. I found her to be a very good business partner and very committed to delivering a quality product or solution in a timely manner. I have always had a positive experience in partnering with Shawntay and would recommend that you consider leveraging her talent.”

Judy Owen, CPC
Transformational Leadership Coach


“Invest in yourself and take your skills to the next NEXT level!”

Get yourself signed up for Shawntay Skjoldager’s Instructional Design & Tech Accelerator Certificate Program today and be on your way to success! Within the first week of taking her course, you will experience growth! Be sure to plug into her Facebook Q&A sessions for personalized help, too. This is THE course to take if you are new to instructional design or have landed on the training team and need help getting started.

Patrick Hodges
Managing Partner, PHiG


“Her attendees get the most out of every training!”

I have witnessed first hand the hard work and dedication that Shawntay Michelle puts into trainings from start to finish. She has developed efficient and realistic ways to measure the effectiveness of her trainings, and not only are the trainings effective, but she ensures the quality of the trainings are top notch! Shawntay designs her trainings to be the most effective and efficient for modern day technology. This leads her trainings to be the most advanced in the field. Not only is she a wonderful Trainer, she is a wonderful developer as well. Who better to learn from than someone who has experience in all training capacities? Her attendees get the most out of every training! I would definitely recommend her training to colleagues who seek to learn more about training and instructional design.

Katie Yarbrough
Training Specialist, LegalShield


“Her enthusiasm for adult learning is contagious!”

Shawntay has exceptional knowledge and experience with all aspects of creating and implementing effective, performance based training for adults. She is exceptional at needs analysis – identifying target audiences and collaborating with business owners to keep training focused on business needs. And she is great to work with – always providing great support to get projects done on-time and on-target. She is always on the look-out for new and more effective ways to engage learners. Her enthusiasm for adult learning is contagious!

Mike Stubblefield
eLearning Developer/Instructional Designer, Vivos Therapeutics


“Spot on”

I have known and worked with Shawntay  as a education program director and use the expertise of ShawntayMichelle for the development of my presentations.  The service has always been “spot on” with professionalism, care and attention.  Shawntay’s recommendations to my ideas make me look good to my clients.

Owner, Certified Consulting Services


“Shawntay Skjoldager reached in and made my training life so much easier!”

I am new to the training design and development world and I was SO excited to get in there, but I really lacked the real-world knowledge that would set me apart from my peers. And, then Shawntay Skjoldager walked into my life with an outstretched hand and a seemingly endless list of ways to knock every training out of the park. From the Training Analysis Form to the Tay Tay tips, this course made my life so much easier and even ironed out the review process that I had been struggling with for months.

Take time to invest in your own learning and make sure to put Shawntay Michelle at the top of your personal development list!


Katie Carter
Training Specialist, LegalShield

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