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Everyone Is a Project Manager – Are you good At it?

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You may not think of yourself as a project manager, but you are. From managing your calendar, work projects – both big and small – to organizing family appointments and outings, to managing training projects, to prioritizing your To Do list, you are MANAGING projects. Some bigger than others and some so small you don’t even think of them as a project.

In this course, we will walk you through the steps to manage your workload, how to have conversations with your boss about establishing priorities, how to push back on unreasonable timelines, all while breaking down the basics of effective project management so that it is relevant to you, makes sense to you, and you are able to manage any project that lands on your desk!

What our students are saying…

” I thought this course was well thought-out and well planned. The course included many important project management key concepts and considerations that will be very useful when implementing ERP systems and beyond. I thought Trello, the cloud project management software was so easy to use and its inclusion, truly enhanced the course. Trello is a cloud tool that I would use on implementations. I thought the material downloads such as the project scoping template, the project status report template, and the examples of probing questions were so helpful and excellent additions to the course. I truly enjoyed the course and will be checking for more courses to sign up for at IDC.”

Anders, CPA & ERP Architect/Analyst

“The course is well thought out and well organized. It covers the information in a way that makes it easy to understand and covers key project management concepts as well as other considerations to keep in mind as a project manager lead. I have heard of Trello before but it is new to me to use, but I know have a good understanding about how it is used and why I would want to use it. The templates and printable materials provided is also a big help as well. “

Laura T.

“This course provided in-depth information about specific topics concerning project management that can be used in any situation.”

Brian, Business Admin Assistant

Niels Skjoldager   Niels Skjoldager 
M.Sc Supply Chain Management, B.Sc. Economics and Business Administration

Niels has managed projects the past 25 years ranging from small everyday projects to multi million dollar international projects

He has experience across a number of different industries, such as agriculture, automotive, aviation, services and technology consulting industries and has managed projects in all of them

He has also been fortunate to be a part of numerous start up companies, primarily in technology and most recently in the Instructional Design Company, which he founded with his wife, Shawntay.

Niels realized immediately in his early career that just about everything IS a project and needs to be managed as a project. In fact we are all project managers!