Hi, I’m Shawntay Michelle.

I am a Trainologist, instructional design consultant, and workshop host who supports the instructional design needs of companies across North America.  From building courses to developing the training team, I am here to help. 


I don’t just support companies, however. I also train freelance instructional designers how to manage training projects and build learning solutions that WOW clients and get results.


I hold a Master of Science degree in Training and Development as well as an MBA. I have served as an instructional designer, eLearning developer, training facilitator, and as a global leader of training functions for various companies. If you have a training need or just need some individualized coaching, I am confident I can help.


You know, just your average small town country girl from Texas (via CA) now residing in sunny Florida. I am a devoted mom but not a helicopter mom. In fact, momming is my all-time favorite job and teaching and helping others is second!

Shawntay Holmes Skjoldager

Life's too short so make sure you enjoy it!

Shawntay Holmes Skjoldager

I enjoy daily walks on the beach pursing my inner peace, my happy place, while listening to podcasts and audio books to nourish my body and mind. I love bike rides too!


Flip flops, shorts, and pony tails are my thing, and I love hot yoga, sitting outside watching my daughter play, and lounging on the couch binge watching Netflix.


I enjoy remodeling, weird, I know, but I love coming up with the design, working through the challenges, and seeing the finished product.

Santa? Trainology? Huh?

Shawntay Holmes SkjoldagerYes, that is me dressed up as Santa!

Before I became a Trainologist, I was a trainer. And, the picture to the right is from a training I did one Christmas. Everyone who attended the training dressed up as a Christmas character. Boy, was that training fun and was I ever sweating bullets in that costume!


So, how’d I move from Santa to here as a Trainologist? That’s a great question.


I was destined to be a trainer and an educator. I have been training others since my first job!. And, I like to have some fun while working so I decided to combine my love for instructional design, education, training, and having fun. The result? Trainology!


I hope I to share my love of learning and training with you!

“I am an overachiever, a perfectionist in my work but not my life, and I thrive on new challenges. It’s these qualities that led me to here ready to help you with your project and/or professional journey.”